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With us Poland can be much closer for your business and your cooperation with Polish companies can run at optimal level.

The Dutch owner of Doran has been running his activity in Poland since 2002. Making the most of their vast experience in the field of outsourcing, our employees provide you with their assistance in establishing long-lasting business contacts and, offering their support in building relationships between contractors, enhance their effective and efficient operations particularly in the field of metal industry. In addition, thanks to the knowledge of the Polish language as well as the Polish culture we can provide you with professional translations which can prevent surprises in business contacts.


The mission of Doran is to establish and maintain business contacts between, on the one hand, the entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, with the emphasis on Poland, and on the other hand, the customers from Western Europe, mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our activity focuses mostly on the metal industry. Such cooperation results in the strengthening of the role and position of the companies in Western as well as in Eastern Europe. In addition, providing its support in the scope of tendering process, order processing, logistics and quality control Doran is involved in further development of successful relationships between suppliers and customers.

Doran stands for carefree outsourcing which distinguishes our company from numerous agents actively operating on the international market. There is a huge demand for the services provided by Doran because the contacts and experience of many East European entrepreneurs are still insufficient for effective customer-supplier relationships to be successfully established and developed.

If you are looking for East European manufacturers providing fast and reliable production complying with high quality standards, please contact us!

Extended production possibilities

One of our producers has equipped its machinery park with solution based on integrated punching and shearing, automatic loading and component exit â...
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